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Who has the time every week to spend hours shaving their arms and legs? The Babe Cave offers quick and affordable waxing services for arms and legs. 

Traditional shaving takes hours of time, requires repeated shaving weekly, and leaves your skin irritated. Our soft wax combined with our expert waxing method leaves your arms and legs smooth for weeks without the dreadful bumps and irritation. 

Our Arm & Leg Waxing Options

Women's Full Legs Wax

This service includes the removal of hair starting at the hips down to the feet. Feet are included but optional.

$70.00 · 30 minutes

Women's Half Legs Wax

This waxing service includes the removal of hair from either the knees down to the feet or the knees up to the hips. Feet are included in the knees-down service but are optional.

$45.00 · 15 minutes

Women's Full Arms Wax

The full arms wax includes the removal of hair from the shoulders down to the hands. Hands are included but are optional.

$45.00 · 30 minutes

Women's Half Arms Wax

The half arms wax includes the removal of hair from the elbows up to the shoulders or elbows down to the hands. Hands are included but are optional.

$40.00 · 10 minutes

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Arms & Legs Waxing In Knoxville, TN

What is Arms & Legs Waxing?

Arms and legs waxing is the removal of hair from the arms and legs. These services are very popular because they help save time as well as slow the growing process of hair. We use a combination of high-quality soft wax along with a perfect technique to be able to provide the fastest and best waxing services in Knoxville, TN.

Who is Arm & Leg Waxing For?

Arms and legs waxing services are suitable for anyone who loves feeling smooth. Unlike shaving, regular waxing will make the hair thinner in texture and less regrowth. No razor burn, no itchiness! Waxing has also proven it dissolves the appearance of what is known as strawberry legs.

When Should I Get An Arm or Leg Wax?

For your first arm or leg wax, it’s best to wait for three weeks after your last shave. We recommend scheduling your following appointments four to six weeks apart.

How Do Your Perform Your Arm & Leg Waxing?

We apply the soft wax with a roller cartridge, which makes for a fast wax job. With our unique technique and a cotton muslin strip, the hair is then removed. Afterward, we apply the appropriate products customized for your skin to avoid any breakouts and leave your skin looking rejuvenated.

Questions? We have answers!

Arm & Leg Waxing FAQs

For legs, something flowy or stretchy. It won't feel the best putting on a pair of skinny jeans after a leg wax. A sleeveless top is best for a full arms wax.

Full and upper leg waxing will require removing your pants. The lower legs depend on whether you can push your pants above the knee. Don't worry. You will be draped with a towel for comfort.

Everyone has different hair and skin. Some clients may see faster results than others. On average, thinner hair growth is seen within the first 1-3 waxes.