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Your Underarm Wax Experience

Get Smooth Underarms In Knoxville, TN

The Babe Cave is proud to be the destination for underarm waxing in Knoxville, TN. Our underarm waxing services remove the hair from the armpit area. The high-quality soft wax removed the hair at the root to provide long-lasting results. 

We deliver exceptional waxing results while putting even the most nervous clients at ease. High-quality soft wax, expert technique, and customized skin treatments provide optimal effects with little to no pain or skin reactions. Leave any lousy waxing encounters in the past; The Babe Cave welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds with loving arms to experience what life can be hair free!

Our Underarm Waxing Options

Women's Underarm Wax

This service includes waxing of the hair from both underarms, leaving you with super smooth armpits! 

$15.00 · 10 minutes

Men's Underarm Wax

This quick waxing service is for men looking to have their underarms waxed. This includes both armpits. 

$18.00 · 10 minutes

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Underarm Waxing In Knoxville, TN

What is Underarm Waxing?

Underarm waxing is the removal of hair from the armpit area. This service is very common among both women and men.

Who is Underarm Waxing For?

Underarm waxing is perfect for anyone who wants slower hair growth and lightening any darker pigmentation in the armpit area. These services are commonly booked with arm waxing as well as our most popular service, Brazilian wax.

When Should I Get An Underarm Wax?

For your first underarm wax, it’s best to wait for three after your last shave. We recommend scheduling your return appointments 3 to 5 weeks apart.

How Do Your Perform Your Underarm Waxing?

We first protect the skin with special oil. Using a carefully crafted technique and a cotton muslin strip, the hair is then removed. Afterward, we apply the appropriate products customized for your skin to avoid any breakouts and leave your skin looking rejuvenated.

Questions? We have answers!

Underarm Waxing FAQs

Shaving plays a huge factor in causing darker pigmentation. Replacing shaving for waxing gives your skin an excellent advantage for skin lightening. 

No. Waxing your underarms will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. Unlike traditional shaving, you won't have that itchy feeling. 

We suggested waiting 24 hours before applying deodorant after getting your underarms waxed. This will lessen any chance of breakouts or irritation.